Casey Everett

Casey Everett

If you like your pornstars clean cut and pretty, you’ll love Casey Everett – and you’ll love his gay virtual reality porn even more. Sporting short hair, a lean and ripped physique, tribal and Asian character tattoos, and a killer smile, Casey knows how to make a guy’s heart stop. Hitting the adult industry with a bang in 2015, Casey has since built up a passionate following – and beyond the obvious appeal, that’s because he’s passionate about his work.

“I want to do [porn] as long as possible. I know people that tend to come and go. Life throws you curveballs. I haven’t really set a time limit on it.”

If you’re wondering how he keeps that killer body, it takes a healthy mindset even when he’s partying:

“Cran-vodka. It’s liquor and cranberry juice. Might as well replenish my vitamins with a little cranberry in my cocktail. Always lead a healthy lifestyle when you drink!”

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