Pool Boy Seduction

Logan Moore is the sexiest pool repair guy around. So he shouldn’t be surprised that when a client calls him up he comes onto him! His new client shows up to the door with a completely opened up robe, revealing his junk and body. Logan is surprised and thinks it’s kind of creepy but secretly he is just playing hard to get because he thinks that this guy is cute too! Logan does the pool job but when he is about to leave the boss offers him even more than he bargained for. So, Logan blows this guy who owns a pool in his beautiful house. He does a great job because he always pays attention to detail and makes sure to take care of everyone’s needs. He’s master of deep-throating and can gag on the cock with ease to give a sloppy blowjob of your dreams. After sucking cock a bit he goes to leave again but this man doesn’t want to be left with a case of blue balls, so he offers Logan even more to finish the job the right way. Logan is more than happy to oblige and he offers up his ass for a good hard fucking. It is what he has secretly been craving all day long but he doesn’t let that on, he just acts like this happens to him all the time and he knows that he is hot stuff. If you want to see what it is like to share a sexual experience with Logan Moore all you have to do is pick up your best VR headset, put it on, and load up the VR Porn video. The experience is so realistic you may forget where you are exactly and float off to a dreamland where Logan is servicing your every sexual need!

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